The Price Projector

The Price Projector is a platform that is built on algorithms that allow you to get entries, targets and stops for a trade. You can use the manual selection for any data that is available from any exchange in the World, all you need to know are the three pivots. This is a platform that was developed over many years by Gene Stunkel. It evolved from his studies of action and reaction of price in the markets.

Isaac Newton in the late 1600’s wrote, the 3rd law of inertia, although some  attribute it to Albert Einstein.

 “For every action there is a reaction.” 

If we apply this to the markets we are going to see how price gets out of balance and gets back into a balanced market.
Volume is the momentum, and price changes accordingly.
Knowing that the action of the last move will also create a reaction gives us an edge.
All you need to know is what those actions are and what they mean.


There are two components for getting great entries. The Pivots are integral to the program but the understanding of the existing retracement probabilities are also very important. We give you those probabilities in the Tutorial section. When you use the Price Projector with all timeframes and understand the retracement probabilities you can take a lot of risk out of your trading or investing.We have made it as easy as 1-2-3 clicks!, and you have all of the information to make a trade.


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The Price Projector includes built-in data for Daily and Weekly signals for:

  • 9,000 Stocks
  • 1500 ETFs
  • The Main Future contracts
  • 28 Forex pair
  • 20,000 Mutual Funds

There is data included for Intraday time frames for the following:

  • Dow 30
  • S&P 500
  • Nasdaq 100
  • 100 ETFs
  • Forex (28 Pairs)

To get price targets for that symbol you must then enter three (3) pivot prices.

We give you two ways of doing this:

  • You can enter the pivot prices manually.
  • Or you can simply click the pivot points on the chart.
  • You then are given all of the information to make a trade.

The Wizard Price Projector provides you with 10 price targets for any security symbol.

Targets Become Support and Resistance Areas

Tools for Trade Assistance:

  • Entries, Targets, and Exit Stops
  • Retracement Values on the charts
  • Entries and Stops on any bar
  • Short and Long Term Momentum Oscillators
  • Trend Indicator
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